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Part 2: Coaching for Performance: Coaching Reflection and Action Plan

For this part of the Assignment, you will continue to act as a new manager who has become concerned about what appears to be declining motivation and engagement on the part of one of your employees. You have spoken to your senior leader about your concerns, and she has asked you to document your interactions with the employee so that she can support you in becoming a more seasoned coach for your team. Last week, you outlined your plan for your coaching conversation. This week, your task is to conduct an appropriate and effective coaching conversation with this employee using the simulation platform. You will then reflect on your experience by preparing a write-up of your interaction that will serve as the basis for ongoing coaching for the employee, as well as for yourself. 

As you prepare your Coaching Reflection and Action Plan, be sure not only to cover all items outlined, but incorporate appropriate examples, where applicable, as well as citations for relevant academic sources, such as those found in the Learning Resources or those in the Walden Library.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Complete your scheduled live, online simulated coaching conversation using the simulation platform.

Refer to your completed Coaching Conversation Preparation and Strategy document that you submitted in Week 4, as well as any notes you made during or after your completion of the simulation experience.

Submit your Coaching Reflection and Action Plan, which should address the following:

After you have completed the coaching conversation with the employee, use the following outline as the basis of Part 2 of your coaching plan, in which you walk through the experience and reflect upon the following:

Did you accomplish the objectives you set out to accomplish? Explain why or why not.

  • What effects (positive and negative, if applicable) did your preparation have on the outcome? Provide a rationale to support your assessment.
  • What do you feel you did particularly well in your coaching session? If you were going to hold the coaching session again, what might you have done differently, or what improvements would you make?
  • How did the employee respond within the coaching session? What is your prediction for how the employee’s behavior will change (or not) as a result of this coaching session? What insights did you gain that would be helpful for future coaching sessions with the employee?

As a conclusion to your coaching plan, choose at least one specific action you will take as a result of this experience to aid you further in your development as a manager and as a coach.

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