MRU Inadequate Management of Type 2 Diabetes Capstone Project Nursing Assignment Help


1. Implementation/Conclusion

– Implement the change you are proposing- This should be a continuation of Part I and Part II

2. Describe the practice change; is it in the community, organizational, clinic setting and so forth

3. Discuss how you would implement and assess the change; this should include time frame, setting, participants, barriers, external and internal factors.

4. How would you evaluate the change process? 

-The change must be measurable

-How would you measure or evaluate? Is there a tool to measure?

5. The literature review must support your change and implementation. Use leadership qualities and skills that will be utilized for successful completion of the project.

6. Discuss who will be invited to the proposal: who are the stakeholders?

-How will you present the information to your stakeholders? 

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In this assignment, we will be focusing on the implementation and conclusion of a proposed change in the medical field. The change should build upon the ideas presented in Part I and II of the capstone project. We will also discuss the practice setting where the change will take place and how it will be implemented and assessed. Additionally, we will explore the evaluation process of the change, considering the measurability and the tools to be used. The literature review should provide support for the change and its implementation, while highlighting the leadership qualities necessary for successful project completion. Lastly, we will discuss the stakeholders involved in the proposal and how the information will be presented to them.

Answer to Question 1: Implementation/Conclusion

To implement the proposed change, thorough planning and coordination will be required. This will involve identifying key stakeholders, allocating resources, and creating a timeline for the implementation process. It is important to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to successfully integrate the change into the medical system. Additionally, the successful implementation of the change will be followed by an evaluation of its outcomes and impact.

Answer to Question 2: Practice Change Description

The practice change will occur in a community healthcare setting. The focus will be on improving patient education and engagement through the implementation of a digital platform that provides accessible and interactive health information. This platform will support patients in taking an active role in managing their health conditions and promoting preventive care.

Answer to Question 3: Implementation and Assessment

The implementation of the change will involve several factors. First, a team of healthcare professionals will be trained on the digital platform to ensure its effective utilization. This training will take place over a period of two weeks. The participants will then begin introducing the platform to the patients in the community healthcare setting. Barriers to implementation may include resistance to change from both healthcare providers and patients, technological constraints, and limited resources. Internal factors, such as the commitment of the team and strong leadership, will be crucial in overcoming these barriers. External factors, such as support from healthcare organizations and availability of necessary infrastructure, will also play a significant role.

To assess the change, both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected. Patient feedback, surveys, and interviews will provide insights into their experience with the platform and its impact on their knowledge and engagement. Quantitative measures, such as the number of patients actively using the digital platform and improvements in health outcomes, will be analyzed. This assessment will occur over a period of six months to account for any potential long-term effects.

Answer to Question 4: Evaluation of the Change Process

The evaluation process will focus on measuring the outcomes and effectiveness of the implemented change. Measurable indicators can include the percentage of patients utilizing the digital platform, the frequency of platform usage, and improvements in patient knowledge and self-management skills. Additionally, health outcome measures, such as reduced hospital readmissions or improved disease management, can be assessed.

To measure these indicators, data will be collected through the digital platform and healthcare records. Surveys and interviews will provide qualitative data regarding patient satisfaction and perceived impact on their health. Tools such as standardized questionnaires and tracking systems will be utilized to quantify these measures. The evaluation process will involve regular data analysis and reporting to monitor the progress and make necessary adjustments.

Answer to Question 5: Literature Review and Leadership Qualities

The literature review will provide evidence-based support for the proposed change and its potential benefits in the community healthcare setting. Studies demonstrating the positive impact of patient education and engagement on health outcomes will be included. Additionally, research on the use of digital platforms in healthcare and their effectiveness in improving patient knowledge and self-management will be considered.

In terms of leadership qualities, successful completion of the project will require effective communication, collaboration, and strategic planning. Strong leadership skills, such as the ability to motivate and inspire the healthcare team, will be necessary to overcome barriers and drive the implementation process. Adaptability, resilience, and an open-minded approach to change will also play an important role.

Answer to Question 6: Stakeholders and Information Presentation

The stakeholders involved in the proposal will include the healthcare providers, patients, healthcare organizations, and community leaders. The healthcare providers will play a crucial role in implementing and utilizing the digital platform. Patients will be the primary beneficiaries of the change, as they will have access to valuable health information and tools to actively manage their well-being. Healthcare organizations will provide support and resources for the implementation process. Community leaders will be involved in promoting and advocating for the change within the community.

To present the information to stakeholders, a detailed proposal will be created, outlining the goals, benefits, and implementation plan of the change. Presentations will be made to healthcare providers, healthcare organizations, and community leaders to highlight the importance and impact of the proposed change. The proposal will emphasize the potential improvements in patient education, engagement, and health outcomes. Visual aids, data summaries, and real-life case examples will be utilized to effectively convey the message and gain support from the stakeholders.


Implementing a practice change in the medical field requires careful planning, coordination, and evaluation. In this assignment, we have discussed the implementation and conclusion of the proposed change, with a focus on a community healthcare setting. The assessment of the change process and the evaluation of its outcomes have been addressed, emphasizing the importance of measurability and utilizing appropriate evaluation tools. The literature review has supported the change and highlighted the leadership qualities necessary for successful project completion. Lastly, we have discussed the stakeholders involved in the proposal and how the information will be presented to them, recognizing their crucial role in the implementation process.

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