NURS 8006: Foundation Essentials DNP Nursing Assignment Help

  • Explain      how your academic and professional goals align with Walden’s vision,      mission, social change message, social determinants of health, and      university outcomes as well as the AACN DNP Essentials. Be specific.
  • Explain      how you plan to incorporate social change throughout your program of study      and in professional practice. Be sure to include how social change may      contribute to your practicum/field experience and your role in      professional practice.  

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As a medical professor, my primary goal is to provide high-quality education to medical college students that aligns with Walden University’s vision, mission, social change message, social determinants of health, and university outcomes. Additionally, I aim to integrate the AACN DNP Essentials into my teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies. By doing so, I hope to create a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, professionalism, and a commitment to social change in healthcare.

1. Academic and Professional Goals:
My academic and professional goals align perfectly with Walden University’s vision, mission, and social change message. Walden’s vision focuses on producing graduates who make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large. Similarly, the mission emphasizes social change, addressing societal challenges, and promoting equal access to healthcare. These principles deeply resonate with me as a medical professor, as I strive to educate students who will go on to become compassionate healthcare professionals dedicated to social justice.

Furthermore, the concept of social determinants of health plays a crucial role in medical education. By understanding the various factors that influence health, such as socio-economic status, ethnicity, education, and environment, students can develop a holistic perspective on patient care and advocate for policies that improve health outcomes for all populations. I incorporate social determinants of health into my lectures, discussions, and assignments, ensuring students understand the complex interplay between these factors and health disparities.

Moreover, the AACN DNP Essentials serve as a guiding framework for advanced nursing education. By integrating these essentials into my teaching practices, I equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care. This alignment enhances the relevance and rigor of the curriculum I design, ensuring students are well-prepared for professional practice.

2. Incorporating Social Change:
Incorporating social change throughout my program of study and professional practice is essential. Within the classroom, I foster an inclusive and respectful learning environment where students are encouraged to critically analyze healthcare issues and propose innovative solutions. Through case studies, group discussions, and interactive teaching methods, I facilitate their understanding of the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of healthcare.

In addition to the classroom, I guide students in translating their knowledge into action during their practicum/field experience. I encourage them to identify social determinants of health and contribute to initiatives that address healthcare disparities and promote social justice. By immersing themselves in real-world healthcare settings and engaging with marginalized communities, students gain firsthand experience in enacting social change.

Furthermore, I advocate for the integration of social change principles in professional practice. I collaborate with healthcare organizations and policymakers to promote policies that address social determinants of health and reduce health inequities. By actively participating in professional associations, community outreach programs, and research activities, I demonstrate the role healthcare professionals play in advancing social change.

In conclusion, my academic and professional goals are fully aligned with Walden University’s vision, mission, social change message, social determinants of health, university outcomes, and the AACN DNP Essentials. I aim to integrate social change into my teaching methodologies, guide students in their practicum experiences, and advocate for social justice within the healthcare system. By doing so, I strive to prepare healthcare professionals who can address healthcare disparities and make a meaningful impact on individuals, families, and communities.

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