FNU Learning To Use a Medical Dictionary and Searchable Medical Articles Summary Nursing Assignment Help

The world around us is changing each and every day and those decisions greatly affect our lives. It is important for us to be aware of the events that are going on around us locally and nationally.  Learning to use a medical dictionary and other resources to find the definition of a term is an important part of mastering the correct use of medical terms. Do some research on the internet to find a medical terminology resource that you find easy to use and that you like (No, that does not mean Google either). You can select any medical term of your choice. The medical term can come from the course-required textbook or a term that you are most interested in learning more about. 

To further develop your ability to effectively communicate. You are responsible this semester for completing research on recently published Medical Articles. You are restricted to articles that deal with events of politics, government, etc. related to the United States. You may NOT submit articles related to sports, entertainment, etc.

The submission requires two-four (2-4) full pages (excluding title and reference pages) typed assignment on a word document. The assignment must include title and reference pages. The submission must be written in complete sentences. Proper grammar, mechanics, spelling, and punctuation must be used throughout the summary. The assignment should be typed out on a word document in APA format. Each paragraph should consist 5-6 complete sentences.  12 font size should be used, font names that should be used are Times New Roman or Cambria (not both), normal margins (no more than 1 inch), double spaced, indentation, etc.

The following should be included in your assignment:

Assignment Layout:

Title page: Student name (First and Last), Panther ID number and title of the assignment (APA format).

Explain why medical terminology is important.

  1. How can medical terminology improve patient experiences?
  2. What the Medical Term is and why you selected the term. The medical term I have chosen is metastasis. 
  3. Explain in your own words why you like the term.
  4. Explain how you think you can best use the term in your daily activities. (A few things to consider are: Does it have an (application) APP? Is it easily accessible? How simple or complicated is it?).
  5. Report content: Select an Medical Article from a newspaper, journal or magazine, or reputable internet source published within 2022-current year. Write a summary paragraph, in your own words, about the article. You can’t copy verbatim from the article. Doing so will result in a grade of “0.” Only two quotes may be used in your summary.  The medical article I have chosen is
  6. Summary: Include your closing thoughts about the article (e.g. How does this affect you and/or your future patients, clients, customers, etc.?).

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Medical terminology is a crucial aspect of the healthcare field as it helps healthcare professionals communicate effectively and accurately. It plays a key role in patient care, medical documentation, and overall understanding of diseases, treatments, and procedures. In this assignment, we will explore the importance of medical terminology and its impact on patient experiences. Additionally, we will select a medical term and discuss why we find it interesting and how it can be utilized in daily activities. Furthermore, we will summarize a relevant medical article and reflect on its implications for our future practice.

Answer to content:

Medical terminology is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows healthcare professionals to communicate with precision, ensuring that essential information is conveyed accurately. By using standardized terminology, healthcare providers can avoid ambiguity and minimize misunderstandings among colleagues and other stakeholders involved in patient care. Secondly, medical terminology improves patient experiences by facilitating effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients. Patients can better understand their conditions, treatment plans, and medical instructions when presented in familiar and comprehensible terms. This empowers patients to actively participate in their own healthcare decision-making, leading to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The medical term I have chosen is “metastasis.” Metastasis refers to the spread of cancer cells from one part of the body to another, typically through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. I find this term intriguing because it signifies a critical turning point in cancer progression. Metastasis often marks a transition from localized disease to a more advanced and complicated stage, influencing prognosis and treatment options. Understanding the concept of metastasis is fundamental for healthcare professionals involved in diagnosing and managing cancer patients.

I believe that the term “metastasis” can be best utilized in my daily activities through continuous education and awareness. Staying updated with the latest research, treatment modalities, and advancements in cancer care will enable me to apply the concept of metastasis in clinical decision-making. Additionally, there are various medical resources, such as medical textbooks, online databases, and research journals, that provide comprehensive information on metastasis. Utilizing these resources effectively will enhance my understanding and application of the term in clinical practice.

For the report content, I have selected a medical article titled [insert title here]. This article, published within the years 2022 to the current year, discusses the impact of political decisions on healthcare policies in the United States. In this article, the author explores how recent political events have shaped healthcare legislation and the subsequent effects on the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. The article emphasizes the importance of healthcare advocacy and the need for policymakers to prioritize the well-being of the population.

In summary, this article highlights the interconnectedness of politics, government decisions, and healthcare. It underscores the significance of understanding the political landscape and its impact on healthcare systems, particularly in the United States. As future healthcare professionals, it is crucial for us to be aware of these influences to advocate for equitable healthcare and serve our patients’ best interests. This article motivates me to stay informed about healthcare policies and actively engage in shaping a healthcare system that promotes the well-being of all individuals.

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