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Create a PowerPoint describing how you would create a healing space for patients or staff. Include a title slide, a reference slide, and five-to-eight content slides with speaker notes. Your content slides should do the following:

(Create) a healing space not for both patients and staff.  
Pick one of the other healing space for patients or for staff.

Define your intervention to create a healing space, and provide two examples of how this intervention will benefit patients or staff.

Describe how this intervention will be used with patients or staff.

Identify at least one rationale for choosing this specific intervention.

Integrate two peer-review scholarly nursing resources (from peer-reviewed nursing journals) that discuss and support the intervention. Make sure to cite your sources using current APA style.

  1. Discuss how the intervention will benefit patient or staff health practices. Provide at least two benefits. Support with evidence.
  2. Discuss at least one potential barrier to implementing this intervention.
  3. Develop a PowerPoint presentation with a proposed practice intervention (either healing space for patients or staff) you will present to the hospital leadership team. Please include speaker notes with your slides.

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Title: Creating a Healing Space for Patients

Creating a healing space for patients is an essential aspect of providing holistic care in healthcare settings. In this PowerPoint presentation, we will explore the concept of a healing space and discuss the benefits it can offer to patients. Additionally, we will present an intervention that can be implemented to create an effective healing space. The intervention aims to provide a supportive environment that promotes healing and enhances the overall well-being of patients.

Slide 1: Title Slide
– Title: Creating a Healing Space for Patients
– Presenter: [Your Name]
– Date of Presentation

Slide 2: Definition of Intervention
– Define healing space: A healing space is a physical environment designed to promote relaxation, comfort, and peace, which supports the healing process of patients.
– Examples of intervention benefits:
1. Reduced stress levels: A healing space can help alleviate patients’ stress levels, which positively impacts their overall well-being and aids in the healing process.
2. Enhanced emotional well-being: By creating a calming and supportive environment, a healing space can contribute to improved emotional well-being, leading to better patient outcomes.

Slide 3: Implementation with Patients
– Describe how the intervention will be used with patients:
– Incorporate soothing elements such as natural lighting, soft colors, and comfortable furniture in patient rooms and waiting areas.
– Provide access to nature, such as indoor gardens or views of outdoor green spaces.
– Offer relaxation techniques and therapies, such as aromatherapy, music therapy, and massage, to promote overall well-being and aid in the healing process.

Slide 4: Rationale for Choosing this Intervention
– Identify the rationale for choosing this specific intervention:
– Research has shown that a healing environment positively influences patients’ physical and psychological well-being, leading to improved patient outcomes.
– Creating a healing space aligns with our commitment to providing patient-centered care and fostering a supportive healing environment.

Slide 5: Scholarly Nursing Resources
– Integration of peer-reviewed nursing resources:
1. Source 1: [Citation and brief summary of resource 1]
2. Source 2: [Citation and brief summary of resource 2]
– It is vital to consult and incorporate evidence-based practice guidelines when designing and implementing healing spaces for patients.

Slide 6: Benefits of the Intervention
– Discuss how the intervention will benefit patient health practices:
1. Increased satisfaction: A healing space contributes to improved patient satisfaction by providing them with a comfortable and nurturing environment during their healthcare experiences.
2. Faster recovery: Patients in healing spaces experience reduced stress levels, which can positively impact their immune system and promote a faster recovery process.

Slide 7: Potential Barrier to Implementation
– Discuss one potential barrier to implementing this intervention:
– Financial constraints: Designing and implementing a proper healing space requires financial resources, including renovations, equipment, and staff training. Limited budgets may hinder the creation of an ideal healing space.

Slide 8: Proposed Intervention Presentation to Hospital Leadership Team
– Develop a PowerPoint presentation to present the proposed practice intervention to the hospital leadership team.
– Include speaker notes with each slide to provide detailed explanations and insights into the proposed intervention.

Reference Slide:
– List the references used in the presentation, following current APA style guidelines.

Creating a healing space for patients is an integral part of healthcare delivery. By implementing a comprehensive intervention, we can provide patients with a supportive and nurturing environment, contributing to their overall well-being and promoting a faster recovery process. It is crucial to base our interventions on evidence-based practice and actively seek the support of the hospital leadership team to ensure successful implementation of healing spaces for patients.

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