What are the effects of Ketamine treatment on treatment resistant

• Introductory statement clearly describes the phenomenon and main health issue • Clearly identifies the problem and gives an argument for examining the problem • Thesis statement is clear and well-articulated • Clearly articulates the particular population with clinical setting provided 1. Operational Definitions • Operational definitions of key terms are provided • Pathophysiology or health assessment issues related to the problem addressed • Clear description of the specific role of the APRN in solving the problem and its solution provided • Personal and/or professional impetus is clearly described 2. Background & Significance • Background provides context for the health problem/phenomenon of interest • Significance of problem clearly articulated • Strong supportive evidence is provided • Prevalence and incidence are both clearly reported 3. Review of Literature • Process of ROL is clearly articulated • Databases, searches, key terms, and summary of types of sources are stated • The review includes sufficient studies, reviews, and scientific papers supporting the phenomenon of interest • Themes given in a systematic integrated review 4. Thematic Discussion of Literature • Reports significant research reported in a critical review, not a catalog of studies • Primary themes discussed in a systematic way with logical flow • Themes presented in an integrated review that lists multiple sources reporting on each theme • Themes are clearly primary to the problem with related issues identified later or as sub-elements to the major themes 5. Synthesis and Summary of ROL • A summary statement at the end of the review synthesizes major research findings • Summary points to the scientific status of phenomenon under question, identifying the main themes • Gaps in knowledge are clearly identified and supported by literature review • Clear reference to future research describes most important gaps that were found in the current ROL 6. Related Socio-economic, Political, Cultural, and/or Health Literacy Issues of the Health Problem • Main socio-economic and political issues are clearly addressed • Cultural, linguistic, and health belief issues are articulated • Educational and/or health literacy issues embedded in the main problem are described • Research gaps within related issues are identified 7. Related Spiritual and Ethical as well as Family and Community Issues • Ethical issues embedded in the main problem are described • Spiritual and/or religious issues are discussed, including deeply held values and beliefs • Implications for family are articulated • Implications for the community are clearly identified 8. Conceptual Model (CM) or Theoretical Framework (TF) • Perspective through which the phenomenon/ problem can be explored is clearly provided • The process and logical selection of the CM with TF are clearly explained • Assumptions and key elements of CM/TF are explained • Pertinent research using CM/TF clearly identified 9. Conceptual/Theoretical Framework Applied • The relationship of the CM/TF to the elements of the health problem is clearly articulated • The manner in which the CM/TF informs the solution is clearly articulated • Diagram of CM/TF provided in the appendices with source of the diagram clearly noted • Relationships between health problem elements and CM/TF are stated • CM/TF connection to the solution not articulated • Source of CM/TF diagram not identified 10. APRN Role in Assessment of the Problem/Phenomenon • Role of the NP or CNS as related to the problem of interest is clearly articulated • APRN Skills needed to address the health problem are clearly articulated • Describes several implications on the overall health of the patient • Target population and clinical setting are clearly articulated 11. Proposed Interventions to Problem (Section 5) • Proposed intervention, solution, or guidelines clear and appropriate to problem • Most important elements needed for effective solutions are identified procedures for intervention are clearly described • Instruments, guidelines, and/or protocol for problem solving are clear and appropriate • Key interventions related to problem or identified issues are clearly articulated 12. Outcomes, Timelines, and Evaluation • Outcomes discussed with overall health focus of clinical project clearly articulated • Intervention timeline clearly described • Elements of evaluation clearly articulated • Collaborative interdisciplinary and/or community partnerships are articulated • Outcomes discussed with problem focus addressed • Intervention timeline unclear • Elements of evaluation listed • Collaborative interdisciplinary involvement minimally addressed 13. Conclusion & Recommendations/Implications for Clinical Practice • Conclusion wraps up the entire paper, including a touch on all main sections • Recommendations or implications for practice are based on expected outcomes • Indications for future research and/or clinical projects are explained • Thesis is revisited and strongly worded 14. Format & Conventions • Paper is well organized and formatted • Appropriate citations are accurate and provided in APA 6th edition format • References are complete and provided in APA 6th edition format • Overall is well done with almost no errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling

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