Death star 2: Can you identify any specific time, cost or performance

For this assignment you are to submit a proper APA formatted report. This document should contain a cover page, abstract, body, and proper citations. There are several resources available for you to ensure you are using APA formatting. These include the college lib guide, MS Word has an APA template and there are countless examples and templates available on the internet. The questions below are meant to get you thinking critically about the Death Star II project Link. Based on the case study, is the building of the Death Star II a project? Why or why not? Is there an established objective? If so, what is it?

Is there a defined life span? If so, what is it? Has a Death Star ever been built before? If so, does this automatically preclude building the Death Star II from being considered a project? Can you identify any specific time, cost or performance requirements?

Can you identify any of the project life cycle activities for the Death Star II based on the text in the case study? Who is the project manager for the Death Star II? What unique challenges faced the project manager of the Death Star II? Does the construction of the Death Star II align with the Organizational Strategy of the Galactic Empire? If so, how and why is that important? Describe the socio-technical aspects or issues that the project manager might have to face during the build of the Death Star II. Using the case study text and any outside research, can you identify the four activities of the strategic management process that the Galactic Empire used? Did organizational politics ever play a role in the building of the Death Star II? If so, explain. The point of this assignment is to relate the concepts and terms related in your textbook to the case study. Please be descriptive and thorough in your response. At a minimum your response should be no less than 1500 words

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