Short paper- Bible as Literature

 Description Submit papers electronically via Short Paper assignment in above Format: double spaced with MLA style documentation (Bedford Researcher) 5 – 6 pages (about 1250 -1500 words) plus a Works Cited (even if your do not do additional research — include our class readings if used) a topic of your choice that begins with one the Biblical texts we are reading together Begin your inquiry by focusing on a particular question, problem or critical/interpretive conundrum in the text — Incorporate a “literary” approach to the text. If you are uncertain, we can consult about the topic. This is intended to be primarily a close reading of the text with a thesis (a defensible opinion/position) and textual and critical evidence to support that thesis. Take into account appropriate portions of the secondary material we’ve read for class–for instance, you can’t write about Exodus and ignore applicable sections of Fokkelman and Miles. Recall that that the modules often included additional materials — for instance, the Women’s Bible Commentary — and we’ve watched portions of Koester’s lectures and parts of the documentary From Jesus to Christ.

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