Patrick Jacobs and David Schnell

 Discussion Topic Patrick Jacobs and David Schnell: Implying Space and Depth: After seeing the work of the two artists Patrick Jacobs and David Schnell, describe in what ways their work reflects the ability to imply depth and space and how well you think they did it. Answer these questions: 1. Looking at the images provided above, describe which techniques each artist is using to imply space? Perspective? If so, what type of perspective? EXAMPLE: David Schnell uses (enter spacial technique) to imply 3D space on a flat 2D canvas. Peter Jacobs work is actually 3D but uses (enter spacial technique) to make his use of small space look even bigger. Feel free use this example to get your discussion started or use your own words. 2. Briefly compare their work to another artist discussed in this or previous packs. Name the artist and title of the work. 3. And finally, of all the techniques used to imply space on a flat two-dimensional surface – stacking, overlap, chiaroscuro, atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, etc.. – discuss which of these you think is most effective and why. Use another example of artwork from the text to support this point. (As always, be sure to name the artist when discussing their work.)

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