Global Leadership Roles and Strategy

You are expected to analyze the cases. This will require that you first read the textbook reading(s) assigned for that day, and then thoroughly prepare the case. Specific questions for each case are listed in weekly Canvas folders. These questions – in addition to the general questions you should ask yourself when preparing any case – are designed to stimulate your thinking and analysis as you prepare your case. Your write ups should show evidence of your analysis of the case, application of the assigned readings, and your efforts to think through the relevant issues of the case. Your write up should generally be three to four typed pages long (with unlimited appendix), with two to three paragraphs directed at each question (more is fine if it helps to organize your thoughts) that will be submitted through Canvas Assignment Dropboxes. Global Leadership Roles and Strategy This topic provides an opportunity to start developing an appreciation for the role of the general manager. In particular, we will emphasize the unique characteristics and challenges faced by general managers, as well as the variety of roles that they typically play. In doing so we will come to understand how such positions differ from those of functional managers, and the responsibilities and rewards associated with general management positions.

We will also come to recognize the interdependence of a broad array of strategic, operating, and administrative issues that general managers face. Our first case will be used as a vehicle to discuss the issues referred to above, and will also highlight many of the concepts and issues we plan to focus on this semester. Robyn Gilcrist, who received her MBA several years earlier, agrees to become the CEO of a small boat manufacturer. The original plan is for the owner/founder to stay with the business for a year, and for Robyn to have the benefit of his presence. However, when the founder dies unexpectedly, Robyn, agrees to move into the CEO position earlier than planned. Our goal is to use the situation Robyn finds herself in to start developing and understanding of the general manager’s job. In doing this, we will focus on how Robyn should spend her time. Case: Yellowtail Marine Preparation Questions: 1. How should Robyn spend her first three days on the job? (Prepare a calendar for the morning, afternoon, and evening of each of those days). 2. Which issue should Robyn prioritize for attention in the next month? Why? 3. What goals should Robyn set for the next year? For the next five (5) years?

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