Designing living and community spaces for the future.

Your sustainable designs should take into account: population growth, local economy, natural resources, local building materials, average family size, area concerns (pollution, natural concerns), water sources, waste management, natural features of the environment (design flow with nature), potential natural disasters, historical, cultural, economic and religious aspects.

● A formal outline ● AT LEAST 4 written pages (not including cover, reference, screenshots or rendering pages) in APA format

● About 10 screenshots using Google Earth or Google Maps ● About 6-10 original renderings Consider the following outline: o Nicely Designed Cover Page with title, name, year of your schooling and major (example: 3rd Year Architecture), date, class, instructor, nice image (not included in 4 written minimum pages) o Formal Outline o Page 1: Description of local area: Name of city, town, village with its exact physical location (coordinates), Environment (climate/important natural features), Natural resources (water, forest, jungle, etc…) Possible natural hazards (earthquakes, flooding, heavy snowfall, etc…), and the typical design features of the architecture and public spaces. o Page 2: Human characteristics and demographics: History (important events which shaped the area), Culture (predominant ethnicities/religions), Population (current size/predicted growth), Average family size, Average incomes, Industries, Economy, other local negative issues (poverty, crime, pollution, war, global warming, etc…) and positive aspects (improving economy, long term peace, safe communities, pride in rituals/environment) o Pages 3-4: Description of Design features, comparisons to traditional design in the area and justification of your design: o Architecture students: Please pay special attention to design pertaining to the structure’s foundation, wall, roof, interior, and exterior design (including facade and outdoor living space). Take into account local infrastructure, drainage, waste/disposal, air-flow, energy, and estimated cost. Discuss how your design features improve on the current features of the typical houses which exist in the area currently. ● APA Formatting (correct font, spacing, margins, in-body citations, reference page) ● Nicely Designed Cover page with title, name, year of your schooling and major (example: 3

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