Jacey works as a receptionist at a medical office. While Nursing Assignment Help

Jacey works as a receptionist at a medical office. While performing all the office duties, as well as greeting patients as they check-in for appointments, she developed an idea that could make the check-in process faster and the paperwork more efficient and streamlined.

She wants to share this information with her supervisor, so she scheduled a meeting at the end of the week. However, she’s beginning to feel nervous about pitching her idea because she’s worried that her supervisor will think she’s working outside of her role and overstepping her position. Her co-worker tells her to stop being worried and focus on how this meeting could highlight her communication skills and professionalism at the office.

Refer to the following resources to help write a response to the following prompts. You can also refer to the Virtual Library to help you generate ideas.

Chapter 01: Aplia Assignment

Improve Communication Skills for Workplace SuccessPresenting Ideas at WorkBuild an Unbeatable Professional Image

2. Initial Post: Create a new thread and answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

Respond to the following prompts in your initial post.

  1. Discuss one recommendation to help Jacey prepare for the meeting with her supervisor.
  2. Describe one communication strategy that Jacey can use when presenting the idea to her supervisor.
  3. Explain how Jacey can best present a professional image to her supervisor during the meeting.

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