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1.  In your assigned reading, Emotion and the Art of  Negotiation the author asserts the preparation is the key to success in negotiations. Get your mind right. You also need to prepare your emotional strategy. Borrowing from the author’s table on page the second  to last page(Preparing Your Emotional Strategy), comment on what you will expect to feel in each stage: the buildup, the main event, and the finale. Your feelings are distinct; dig deep and offer observations beyond the author’s summary.

Use the attached file name Technology  Strategy  for  question 2

2. What is your key take-away from the reading of this week on Technology Strategy?

Use the attached file name Alibaba’s Future of  Strategy  for  question 3

3.  What Alibaba’s success reveals about the future of strategy?

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In the following answers, I will address three different questions related to assigned readings on negotiation, technology strategy, and Alibaba’s success in shaping the future of strategy. Each question will be answered separately, providing a comprehensive understanding of the topics in focus.

Answer to Question 1:

In the assigned reading, “Emotion and the Art of Negotiation,” the author emphasizes the significance of preparation in achieving success in negotiations. According to the author’s table on preparing an emotional strategy, there are distinct stages: the buildup, the main event, and the finale. Beyond the author’s summary, I would anticipate experiencing the following emotions in each stage:

– The buildup: Initially, I may feel a sense of anticipation and excitement as I prepare for the negotiation. I might also experience some nervousness or anxiety as I consider the potential outcomes and interactions with the other party. However, I believe that these emotions can be channeled into a positive mindset, promoting strategic thinking and mental preparedness.

– The main event: During the actual negotiation, I would expect a multitude of emotions to arise. Confidence and assertiveness should play a significant role in this stage, allowing me to effectively convey my ideas and objectives. However, I also anticipate hurdles and challenges that may trigger frustration or even a sense of pressure. It is crucial to maintain a calm and composed demeanor while adapting to the dynamic nature of the negotiation to ensure successful outcomes.

– The finale: As the negotiation nears its end, the emotions may vary depending on the results achieved. If the desired outcome is realized, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment will likely prevail. Conversely, if the negotiation did not meet expectations, disappointment or frustration may arise. Nevertheless, regardless of the outcome, it is essential to remain objective and reflect on the learning experiences gained throughout the process.

Answer to Question 2:

After reading the assigned material on Technology Strategy, my key take-away is the significance of aligning technology with the overall business strategy. Technology can no longer be seen as a separate entity within an organization but should be integrated into every aspect of its operations and decision-making processes. A successful technology strategy involves identifying the specific needs and goals of the organization and leveraging technology accordingly to drive innovation, streamline processes, and enhance competitiveness. Additionally, the reading emphasized the need for continuous evaluation and adaptation of technology strategy to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Answer to Question 3:

The reading on Alibaba’s success provides valuable insights into the future of strategy. Alibaba’s exponential growth and dominance in the e-commerce industry reveal the significance of embracing digital transformation and harnessing the power of technology. Alibaba’s success demonstrates that a comprehensive strategy encompassing both online and offline channels, and an emphasis on customer experience and engagement, can yield remarkable outcomes. Furthermore, Alibaba’s continuous innovation, agility, and adaptability highlight the importance of staying ahead of market trends and leveraging technology to create new opportunities. This reading portrays Alibaba as a trailblazer, and its success serves as a testament to the transformative potential of a future strategy that integrates technology seamlessly into business operations.

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