MGMT440 Case Study Assignments

During the course you will complete an analysis of three mini cases. To prepare for these assignments, you are strongly recommended to first read How to Conduct A Case Analysis on page 516 of the textbook. Practicing this approach in MGMT440 will prepare you for the more extensive case study you will encounter in your capstone class.

● Mini Case 9, page 449: When will P&G Play to Win Again? ○ The analysis of this case study will assess your ability to meet

■ Course Learning Outcome # 4: Analyze an international organization’s current situation ■ Course Learning Outcome # 3: Evaluate the strategic alternatives of an organization Assignment Guidelines: Analyze the case following the recommendations in How to Conduct a Case Analysis. Make sure you identify the key facts of the case which identify the symptoms causing the root problem or issue. Then write up your analysis in an APA formatted paper with a Title Page, one inch margins, double spaced, 12 point font, and references page as follows: ● Title Page with Running head: TITLE OF PAPER ● Introduction – Summarize the key facts in the case that are leading to the root problem or issue ● Answer the questions asked in the case in the order presented. Discuss fully, citing evidence from the case and text to support your answers. Expect to write a minimum of one paragraph (8-10 sentences) per answer. ● Conclusion – Reflect on what you have learned from the case analysis and how it helped your understanding of strategy and the strategic process. Identify those questions you found easiest to answer and those that you found most difficult.

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