Climate Change *In South Florida*

 Description Requirements: No less than 1400 words of text, not counting title and reference pages, in APA style. No less than six unique references on the scientific content (Please don’t use class texts, dictionaries, or encyclopedias. Also, you may cite general organizational information from the websites of your three nonprofit organizations, but don’t count general citations of organizational information as part of your six). Use in-text citations for each reference. All references should be less than 10 years old. Summarize and paraphrase your source material. Limit quotes to one or two per paper. For the required content, follow the directions below. Instructions: Choose an environmental issue that is appropriate for this class, one that’s relatively small in scope (or a small part of a larger problem), and an issue that affects South Florida. College-level writing is required for this assignment. Your final grade on this assignment is dependent largely on the quality of the writing and the APA style of the paper. For your issue, research and write on the following: 1) The current science on how your issue affects the environment and/or human health 2) The historical background on your issue (how the issue has changed with time, when your issue became a concern, etc.) 3) The mission and activities of three nonprofit organizations that are working on your issue Suggested paper outline I. Introduction II. Review of the current science III. Historical background IV. Non-profit organizations V. Conclusion VI. Reference List (6 unique references more recent than 2005) Literature Review manuscript formatting requirements:The literature review needs to be a minimum of 1400 words written in APA format. A good, but not perfect, sample literature review can be found in Blackboard in the course content area marked “Literature Review”. Here is a checklist of formatting for the literature review: Title Page 1400 words. This count does not include the title page or the reference page. 1-inch margins? running header and page numbers? indented paragraphs? double-spacing? 10 to 12-point font Three nonprofit groups? Six unique references

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