This paper is for the class Psychology in Education.As one of your references for this assignment you MUST use your textbook: Sternberg, R. J., & Williams, W. M. (2010). Educational psychology, 2nd Edition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. Read Chapters 3 of textbook. Review Power Point Chapter 3 Then read professional articles on the Internet. Write a minimum 300 – 500 word essay. Compare and contrast Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development with that of Marcia’s Theory of Achievement of Personal Identity. Summarize stages only…there is no need to copy/paste each of Erikson’s stages, but you should summarize concepts using your own words. Discuss your own experiences of stage development, according to these theorists. If you are in early adulthood, discuss the stages you have passed through and the one you are currently experiencing. Do they agree with Erikson’s and Marcia’s theories? What implications does these theories hold for a teacher’s understanding of children and their development ? FEAP # 7, INTASC # 2, FPC # 7 Compare and contrast Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development with that of Marcia’s Theory of Achievement of Personal Identity. Cite your textbook and use reliable, professional Internet sources, not to include Wikipedia. A minimum of two recent sources must be used. Include a References page. Use APA style. Cite your text and additional sources. Include a Cover page Reference page. Please note: To SUBMIT it MUST be saved s a Word document. Assignments must be saved with the filename in the following format: EDU 502 YourLastName AssignmentTitle For Example: EDU 502 Hernandez CognitiveDevelopment This format is necessary to identify you, the course, and the assignment. RUBRIC Technical (grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc) 1 points logical structure and organization 1 points APA guidelines, length of paper 2 points Content Requirements 3 points Analytic/ReflectivePerspective 3 points


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