Impacts of Leadership/Role of Partnerships

Part I: You have recently been hired as manager of health and safety in a petroleum refinery industry. The environmental performance of this company has been unclear to the community and the media has recently portrayed this refinery quite negatively. Your Task for Part I: 1) Describe the value of a performance-based management culture for the sustainability of health and safety responsibilities in this company. 2) Apply criteria described in your reading to design an environmental impact assessment that addresses the environmental impacts of this refinery on air quality. In your protocol, be sure to show how you would address the 3 categories of Environmental Performance Indicators (management performance, environmental performance and environmental condition indicators). For each part of the protocol, illustrate with examples. Part II: You are a manager of environmental health and safety at a local health department. You have learned that drinking water supplies have been contaminated with a virus (Cryptosporidium) that cannot be destroyed by chlorination and that can cause severe illness. This is believed to be an act of bioterrorism. The module readings covered the ecological model and how it may be used to identify partners for improving environmental health and its public health impacts. Your Task for Part II: Apply your knowledge of the Ecological Model of Health to:

1) Identify 2 partners that may be engaged for each domain of the ecological model.

2) Describe the responsibility and role of these partners in providing or disseminating information to communicate risk to the public. 3) Show how the partners will address a culturally adverse audience in communicating risk to the publi

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