Gatorade company

select a company and product or product line to study. You will complete a written report that addresses a wide variety of consumer factors (discussed below) in an effort to fully understand the complexities of your consumers. The following topic areas must be addressed in your report for this project assignment: 1. Background Data. Provide background information on your company and the selected product or product line. This should be relatively brief (no more than two pages). It should provide a clear snapshot of the company and product’s purpose and position within the industry. Please also describe its target market/target markets. 2. Advertising Analysis. Perform an analysis of the company’s advertising. Pay particular attention to the use of semiotics – examine the symbols used within the ads, and interpret the meanings of these symbols. Analyze and interpret several advertisements. (You should analyze the ads even if you do not believe that semiotics is used.) Use your analysis to explain the company’s image within consumers’ minds. Notes: Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation (

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