Net tangible assets and cash flow: Calculate a company’s working

 SEQ Question * ARABIC 4
      Net tangible assets and cash flow (9 marks | Word limit: 200 words)

LO3: Calculate a company’s working capital, profitability and market performance ratios using its annual report.

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

(a)       Calculate JBH’s net tangible assets (NTA) per share at 30 June 2017 in dollars and cents, rounded to the nearest cent. (2 marks)

(b)       Evaluate JBH’s NTA per share compared to its current share price. (2 marks)

(c)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 cash flow per share (cents) to two (2) decimal places. (2 marks)

(d)       Identify and briefly discuss three (3) key items that caused JBH’s 2017 cash flow per share to differ (either positively or negatively) from its 2017 earnings per share. (3 marks)



 SEQ Question * ARABIC 5
      Conclusions and recommendation (10 marks | Word limit: 700 words)

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

LO5: Explain key valuation concepts and the valuation process

Using your discussion above to support your view, determine whether you would place a buy, hold or sell recommendation on JBH (assume current market price is the 30 June 2017 closing price).

In your response, and justifying your investment recommendation, you should:

•    include your evaluation of the ratios calculated in both assignments

•    discuss key qualitative factors (such as strategy and management) supporting your view

•    discuss the key areas of potential downside (or risk factors)


•    considers JBH’s dividend yield and PER.


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