Learning experience plan (physical experience)

You are required to develop and implement one (1) learning experience plan:

Support and challenge physical activity

Plan and implement a learning experience using Template 4 – Learning experience plan: (Physical activity).

> Consider what type of experiences you could provide to challenge this group of children’s physical activity. How could you encourage risk-taking skills? What will be your level of involvement? > Promoting physical activity ideas can be a range of different experiences involving movement. For example, dancing and moving to music, physical games, yoga, digging the garden for planting. Play that involves using the body in an active way: Running, riding, crawling, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching, swinging, pulling and pushing are just a few examples. For small children, crawling, rolling, walking and climbing can be arranged in safe environments.

> Discuss your ideas with the educators you are working with and gain feedback from your supervisor. Ask your supervisor to approve your plan by signing below PRIOR to implementation. > Use Template 4 – Learning experience plan: (Physical activity) to plan and document your learning experience. The template asks you to consider children’s development, EYLF links, resources, safety measures including clothing and sun safety and educator practices.

> Ensure your educator practices are consistent with EYLF practice and principles. Remember your role as educator is setting up a safe and stimulating environment or learning space, with educator practices that promote physical activity. Ensure you are positive, enthusiastic and actively engage in the experience with children in play. > After you have implemented the experience, complete the last page of the template reflecting on the experience. You need to evaluate what happened; what learning occurred for the children and how effective were your educator practices? And finally, you need to provide two follow up suggestions.

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