BBA 328 – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – TERM PAPER REQUIREMENTS • A mini term paper on a specific Human Resource Management Topic is REQUIRED for this course. • The paper is to be posted as a Word Document or PDF attachment in the Term Paper Forum on Blackboard. Unauthorized Late submissions will not be accepted. • The term paper should not be treated as a creative writing assignment, however, as a research paper that focuses on a “Human Resource Management” topic. Thus, your emphasis should be on facts, information, and evidence that involves Human Resource Management. • The term paper MUST include an brief summary (outline) of issues in your paper which also pertains to the topic and concepts expressed in your textbook. (The outline is similar to an executive summary.) • The term paper must be typewritten, and where appropriate, must contain reference sources, endnotes and a bibliography. (References, bibliographies, etc. are separate and do not count toward your page requirements) • The term paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages and a maximum of 4 full pages in length, double spaced (multiple spaces between lines will adversely affect the grade of your paper), and must have11-12” font (larger fonts will adversely affect your grade) o Again, the reference / bibliography page is separate and does not count as a part of the paper. • Also headings must not take up substantial sections of the page. For example, Unacceptable Heading (Too much use of space) Jane Doe BBA 328 April 2018 Professor Bishop Term Paper Topic Acceptable Heading Jane Doe June 2018 BBA 328 Professor Bishop Term Paper Topic • A list of approved topics are provided below. o Topics must be cleared with me first. To do so, students must enter the topic request in the assigned discussion forum on Blackboard by January 10, 2019 indicating the topic of choice. Once approved, students may begin working on the assignment o Failing to clear a topic (to get approval) will result in severe point deductions up to reject of the entire paper • To successfully complete the assignment, conduct research on the topic and report on your findings. o In so doing, include key points from your textbook. o Do not use your textbook as your only source of information. o Provide an analysis of the subject matter where necessary, make HR related recommendations etc. o Also be reminded to cite your sources. • Lehman Lief Library is an excellent resource for information relating to HRM. Please use it! • Do not use bullet points! Express thoughts clearly in paragraph format. • Avoid “over-quoting” or excessive use of others material with quotation marks around it. Use your own words! • Pay attention to grammar, spelling, syntax, organization of thoughts, etc.


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