Cantonese Food Culture

 With this journal entry, you will begin researching the major paper for this class. You are to choose a particular food culture in which you do not consider yourself to be an insider. (After all, you won’t gain much cross-cultural understanding if you’re not willing to cross cultures.) Be specific with your definition of culture; instead of Chinese or Canadian, research Cantonese or Quebecois (assuming you do not have personal connections to Guangdong, Hong Kong, or Québec). Consult a minimum of three sources, at least one of which must be physically published. (There are many fine cookbooks in the library.) Write an essay of at least 500 words (plus bibliography and parenthetical citations) briefly summarizing your chosen cuisine according to the four categories identified by Belasco (basic foods, manner of preparation, flavor principles, and rules for consumption) in roughly equal balance. WARNING: You may be tempted to copy and paste text directly from the web for this assignment. You must put quotation marks (“”) around any text you take directly from another source and provide a parenthetical citation.

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