A team of Learning and Talent Development Consultants: Critically

You are leading a team of Learning and Talent Development Consultants and your brief is to design a learning intervention based on a case brief provided or an organization of your choice following the systematic training cycle. All elements of the systematic training cycle need to be considered. You need to pay close attention to any barriers that might impact this learning intervention and offer possible solutions to these. The report you provide is a “pitch” to the organization’s senior management team.


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:


1.            To engage critically with academic theory underpinning strategic human resource development/learning and talent development.

2.            To explain and evaluate the relevance of these theories to business practice.

3.            To design a training intervention that is aligned with business strategy and demonstrates constructive alignment using the systematic training cycle.


The assessment addresses a core part of the CIPD learning standards for the

module including the following CIPD learning outcomes:

1) Critically analyse and evaluate the formulation and implementation of

processes of learning and talent development strategies for defining and

achieving current and future effectiveness at national, organisational,

group and individual levels

2) Critically evaluate the potential and appropriateness of a range of learning

and talent development strategies, interventions and activities

3) Lead the initiation and development of learning and talent development

strategies, interventions and activities (the standards also include “implementation”. The students understanding of “implementation” will be

assessed by their understanding of evaluation measures and the role of

political” organisational stakeholders

4) Work effectively and collaboratively with key internal and external partners

and stakeholders

5) Critically assess the role and influence of politics of the learning and talent

development policy and practice in a range of contexts

6) Act ethically and professionally


Presentation Requirements:

Word Count: Part one =  2,000 words (+/- 10%)

Font Size: 12

Line Spacing: Double spaced

APA/Harvard referencing format should be used (the reference list does not contribute to the word count)

Diagrams, figures and tables may be included (and these do not contribute to the word count)

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