Claude Grunitzky: How did Claude build his networks?

As you write up the Claude Grunitzky case, focus on issues of power and networks. The most weight is awarded to Q2-4. Please consider the following questions:

1. How successful has Claude been? Why and how?

2. How would you describe Claude? Who is he as a person? What are his sources of power? Personal? Positional/Situational?

3. How did Claude build his networks? What do they look like?

4. How useful were these networks across different cultures and industries?

5. What should Claude do now? The analysis must have the following format (single-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font) and should be no more than 5 pages in length, plus accompanying Exhibits (maximum of 1 page) for a total length of 7 pages including the cover page. The criteria for evaluation are to apply the course content (especially the readings) and to answer the questions fully. To receive a high grade, the report must demonstrate an understanding and ability to apply the concepts discussed in the course readings/class to the specific situation described in the case. Appendices incorporating frameworks, etc… are encouraged as long as there is added value. If appendices are used, be sure to summarize and incorporate the content from your appendices into the text of your report.

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