Why was Beethoven’s music considered transitional to a new artistic

Critical Thinking Essay #2 Please answer ONE of the following questions in an 600-850 words. Please write an essay in MLA style with an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Please cite all ideas which are not your own with supporting research. Plan to consult sources other than your textbook.

1. Why was Beethoven’s music considered transitional to a new artistic perspective? What was unique about his music and how did he change the path of music? What are his most significant contributions to music? Use specific pieces and aspects of the music to support your answer.

2. What is a fugue? What are some of the contrasting ways a subject can be modified in a fugue while still being recognizable to the listener? What is the appeal of fugues to composers? Who are some fugue composers and what are some of the compositions? If the essay does not meet the minimum word requirement, the paper will receive 0 points.

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