Rudd’s view seems to be that technology providers such as WhatsApp

1. The following news article contains views by the British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, on encryption, which can be understood as ‘a mathematical technique that prevents a third party from intercepting communication.’ The Guardian — March 2017 Rudd’s view seems to be that technology providers such as WhatsApp should only encrypt their customers’ communications in a way that gives government authorities access to them, and that it is unethical of them to do otherwise. Is Rudd right? Why or why not?In answering the questions, please apply the method of philosophical analysis. This means doing the following.

(i) Pick an answer to the questions. You cannot complete the assignment without providing clear answers to the questions.

(ii) Justify your answer with arguments. These arguments should apply the ethical theories we have discussed in this course.

(iii) Consider arguments which lead to conclusions other than the ones you reach. Explain why you think these arguments do not work.

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