People/Person with Dementia

Assignment 1 – Individual Poster Presentation as a poster on a question or subject area. References to resources and research articles are required and regardless of your option there should be a focus on person centred dementia care according to what you have learnt over the past two days. Students can choose another area if they wish, however, this will need to be negotiated with the specialty tutor. Poster Options:

• Preventing behaviours in persons with dementia.

• Applying person centred dementia care in practice. • Physical and chemical restraint in persons with dementia. • End of life care for persons with dementia. Please choose one of the 4 options above and out of the option chosen, you need to formulate a topic/question that needs to be address for the poster. It needs to have 1 statistic reference, 5 literature references and please put references in your photos, so AT LEAST 6 in TOTAL (statistic and literature) but The more the better for its key messages. Please provide photo/picture for the poster to become more appealing. It needs to be at 1800 words +/- 10% and the layout should consist an introduction, discussion, key messages and recommendation. Attached is an example of a poster and please DO NOT COPY and DO NOT FOLLOW the document provided. Attached as well is the documents for further instructions and refer to the marking rubric for the grading. 

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