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Florence Nightingale was a leader in nursing whose writings led to the foundation of many of our current nursing philosophies and theoretical models. Although there have been significant changes in our society and health care since her era, one can identify evidence of her writings and practice in current nursing practice. For this assignment, read “Nightingale’s Environmental Theory” published by Margaret Hegge in Nursing Science Quarterly 26(3), 211-219. The article can be accessed on the D’Youville College Library website. In this article, Dr. Hegge describes the environmental theory from Nightingale’s experiences. Think about our current environmental surroundings and how patients and their health can be impacted by current environmental issues. Choose a potential or actual health problem that patients face today that is the result of their environment. Compare and contrast one other discipline (i.e. PT, OT, Social Work, Pharmacy etc.) with nursing in examining the potential or actual environmental problem. Be sure to show the impact of the environment on the health problem and how you as a nurse could make a difference. Describe any political influences, policy issues, and legal influences on the problem.

General directions for submitting assignment:

 Use subheadings for each question. Answers to the five questions should be detailed. APA format should be used including a title page, abstract and references. You will lose credit if you do not follow APA format. Grading Criteria

Question 1: Describe any political influences, policy issues, and legal influences 18 pts.on the problem.

Question 2: How can you as a nurse utilize Nightingale’s Environmental Theory18 improve population health with respect to the problem? Briefly describe how another discipline might examine the same problem. How is this different from nursing? How is it the same?

Question 3: What stakeholders are involved in the environmental issues? 18 pts.Question 4: What resources would you need to accomplish your goals?18 pts.Question 5: How would you know you have been successful in your endeavor?18 pts.APA & Format 10 pts.

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