Report for Health Promotion

-this assignment is in report format, please include executive summary and a very good conclusion -identify and explain the origins of health promotion (extra reading Berridge, V. (2011) Public Health in the 20th century, Gorsky, M., Mold, A., and Berridge, V., (2011), Mold, A. and Berridge, V. (2013) The history of health promotion)

– Appraise the key theories and concepts that inform health promotion and relate these to specific health promotion approaches and methods in the UK (what is working and not working, is it effective or not and why?)

– plan and evaluate health promotion programmes in light of specific examples showing an evidence-based approach, creativity and innovation (using the case study from the NHS(2018), critically analyse and appraise the key relevant theories and concepts that will inform your health promotion approaches aimed at reducing “the smoking problem among pregnant women” – as a newly employed health promotion officer, design and execute a health promotion campaign aimed in reducing “the smoking problem among pregnant women” -please choose Croydon Borough and research data and statistics from Public Health England, Gov.UK, Office for National Statistics, NICE guidelines, NHS 2018 stop smoking in pregnancy

– mention the impact of health promotion to the community – mention health promotion framework and policies – discuss black report Acheson report and its effect/impact to the community – explain the importance of communication to get people’s engagement and cooperation – discuss ethics, policies, politics, health inequalities, cultural factors, lifestyle, etc that could lead to smoking – follow assignment case study and guidelines, find attachment in docs – use Harvard referencing – further reading (Naidoo and Wills 2016, Foundation of Health Promotion, Davies, C 1999, Care Policies and Care Politics in Care Policies in Context, Morris, J 1997, Community Care: Working in partnership with service users, Fahy, N 2013, Political and ethical consideration, Cragg, L, Davies, M and Macdowell W, eds Health promotion theory, Scriven, A, 2010, Promoting Health A practical guide 6th ed, Bogdan, R. and Taylor, S.J., 1999 Building Strong Community for All, Lefebvre, R.C and Flora, J.C. 1988 Social Marketing and Public Health Intervention – please compare statistics in smoking during pregnancy with the other borough as well as their strategies in reducing it. 

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