Falls prevention: CNO competency categories

Setting – nursing home – dementia unit Topic regarding falls prevention [ Goal is to promote self knowledge and knowledge among staffs regarding falls prevention in nursing home dementia unit……] 5 pages… APA format… 4 reference including mandatory references. mandatory references—- 1. https://www.cno.org/globalassets/docs/reg/41037_entrytopracitic_final.pdf 2. RNAO best practice guidelines- falls prevention [https://rnao.ca/sites/rnao-ca/files/bpg/FALL_PREVENTION_WEB_1207-17.pdf]



A competency is defined as the knowledge, skill, ability and judgment required for safe and ethical nursing practice. Identify ONE Overall Goal for the practice experience. The goal is focused on results, not activities.

The goal will specify what you want to achieve through the practice setting For tips on writing goals and objectives see: Review the competencies from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Conceptual Framework for Organizing Competencies (2014) Competencies for entry-level Registered Nurse practice and the course objectives. Reflect on your past experiences, learning, and career goals when selecting the competency categories and competencies related to your learning goal. Consider the competencies you will focus on to successfully complete the learning goal. You will identify TWO CNO Competency Categories and a minimum of THREE Competencies for each of the two competency categories for your learning plan. Develop FOUR Objectives for your learning goal. Use the SMART approach to craft specific, measurable objectives/steps to meet the goal. The four objectives will be informed by the nursing process: Assessment, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate (Objective 1 – Assessment; Objective 2 – Plan; Objective 3 – Implement; and Objective 4 – Evaluate). Identify a minimum of TWO Resources and Timelines for each objective to assist in achieving your learning goal (e.g., databases, people, places, grey and white literature, and other resources you will access

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