CRJ 308 Advance Criminological Theory.

During this class you have started the examination into human behavior in an attempt to better understand criminal action. It is here, where I want you to focus your attention. Most of you will expand this study in CRJ 308 Advance Criminological Theory.

Nickolas Cruz was arrested for the Parkland Florida shooting which took place on February 14, 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School. Summarize the events of this crime in the first portion of your paper and then analyze the actions of Cruz identifying what criminological theories studied during this course you feel best explain his behavior. Support your arguments/opinions with appropriate references and citations. This will require you to expand your research to focus more on Nikolas Cruz then on the event itself. Caution – this is not about gun control or police response (or lack thereof). Conclude your paper with an answer to the following questions – Based upon you analysis, can future acts of violence similar to this one be prevented? Why or why not?

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