Culturally Intervention Process

 At Home Health Agency, our focuse is on the elderly population and meeting their needs of services. We do field visits to assess each client to base their need such as a in home attendant to help bathe, clean, or cook. We offer medical equipment such as bed side commode or hospital beds in the home. Or referrals for meals on wheels. i just need the next 3 questions answered accordingly to what my internship placement does. 1). Describe a culturally responsive intervention with a Hispanic client from your field placement and how it was specifically client-centered and evidence-based. 2).Describe networking experiences and how you are or will navigate community organizations designed to serve Hispanic children and families. 3). Describe a case where you collaborated with a Hispanic client and how you incorporated culturally significant familial or community relationships in the intervention process. Include use of mutually agreed on outcomes, and how you evaluated effectiveness of the intervention.

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