Respond to one of the following case studies in a

Respond to one of the following case studies in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Danielle’s client, George, is extremely agitated during their session. He has a restraining order against him to protect his former girlfriend. He is entitled to parenting time with their son, but he reports that his ex has refused to allow him access to the child. He has not seen his son in weeks, and last night, he had a terrible argument with the child’s mother. She has a new boyfriend, and the boyfriend feels George is a bad influence. He tells Danielle that he plans to kill his ex and her boyfriend, take the child, and disappear. He tells Danielle that he appreciates all she has done for him. What codes and guidelines (including legal cases) should Danielle consider when deciding how to address George’s plans regarding his ex, her boyfriend, and his son? What are some of the complications Danielle will face when deciding her course of action?  
  • Ed’s client, Samantha, has revealed that she is pregnant. She is 14 years old and she is considering having an abortion. She does not want her parents to know. During the conversation, she alludes to Ed that the father of the baby is actually one of the teachers at her high school. Look at the statutes for your state and consider the parameters of confidentiality surrounding underage pregnancy. What will Ed be required to do regarding Samantha’s disclosure of pregnancy? What rights does Samantha have and what rights do her parents have regarding confidentiality? What are the implications for Ed of being a mandatory reporter?

Be sure to consider the laws and guidelines in your state and the relevant codes of ethics for your case; cite both in your discussion. If you reside or will be practicing in California, refer to California state law. 

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