Choose Your Pathway: Career Starter (A) Click on the assignment

Choose Your Pathway: Career Starter (A) 

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Career Starters (A): Draft of Targeted Resume

The following resource is required for this Career Starters assignment: Resume Evaluation Checklist (Links to an external site.).

Part 1: Job Advertisement

Visit online job search sites and select a job ad for which you will target your resume. Paste the text of the job ad that includes the full description of the job, including the job title, job requirements, skills, knowledge, and so forth, into a Microsoft Word document and save it as JobAdLASTName.docx. Do not submit a link or a screenshot of the job ad.

Part 2: Targeted Resume

Your targeted resume must include the following components.

  • Personal Information: Name, address, phone number, email address (optional—your LinkedIn link)
    • For the purpose of this assignment, you may use generic information for your address and phone number.
  • The Target Job Title
    • Make sure it matches the job ad.
  • Professional Summary
    • This should highlight your skills and experiences relative to the job description (not an objective; must be a Professional Summary).
    • Omit any personal pronouns (for example: I, me, my).
  • Education History
    • Include the accurate degree title; for example, A.A. or B.S. in _____.
  • Skills Summary
    • Include both technical and transferable skills organized in a logical order.
  • Work Experience
    • Summarize using achievement statements, not task lists.
    • Summarize your work experience in four to five points under each position held, focusing on concrete and measurable accomplishments. Do not use personal pronouns.

Part 3: Resume Evaluation Checklist

Fill out and submit your completed Resume Evaluation Checklist. All of the shaded cells need to show either G/F/P or Y/N based on your self-evaluation of your targeted resume.

Check that your submission is complete with three Microsoft Word documents. Do not submit PDFs or a .zip file.

  1. Current job ad with a full description of the position requirements, not a link or a screenshot, pasted into a Word document and saved as JobAdLASTName.docx
  2. Targeted Resume saved as your ResumeLASTName.docx
  3. Resume Evaluation Checklist (all of the shaded cells need to be filled in and saved as ChecklistLASTName.docx)

Your resume should have appropriate headings and design elements (e.g., white space, bold, underline, italics, varying font sizes*) to improve readability and visual appeal. You should also make efforts to limit the resume to one or two pages. The resume must also be targeted to the job ad and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

*Note: Students should take care to avoid overusing all of these design elements in one document.

The grading rubric for each assignment is listed below.


Week 4: Career Pathway Assignment Grading Rubric

                         Criteria                                                                                                      Ratings                     Pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Contact information (may use generic address, phone and email) is included.    5 to >0.0 pts       5 pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Target Job Title and Professional Summary (not an Objective) that relates to the job posting and does not include personal pronouns (for example: I, me, my, we, our) is included.           10 to >0.0 pts         10 pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Education history is up to date and appropriate for job posting. Complete and accurate name of degree is included; for example, B.S. in _____. 

Anticipated date of graduation mm/yyyy is included.                                           10 to >0.0 pts                10 pts
(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Skills summary includes both Technical and Transferable Skills targeted to the selected job posting arranged in logical order.                                                                                         10 to >0.0 pts                 10 pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Work experience summaries are written as achievement statements, not lists of tasks. 10 >0.0 pts  10pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Formatting is visually appealing and professional. There are no grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage errors or personal pronouns.                                                                       10 to >0.0 pts                 10 pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Complete job ad (not a screenshot or a link) is submitted as a Word document and named as specified in the assignment instructions.                                                                                 10 to >0.0 pts                  10 pts

(A) Draft of Targeted Resume

Resume Evaluation Checklist is complete and saved as specified in the assignment instructions.

                                                                                                                               10 to >0.0 pts                  10 pts

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