Most companies do not have unlimited funds for workplace hazard

Most companies do not have unlimited funds for workplace hazard training. How can companies decide which training topics should be addressed? Should the rest of the hazards be relegated to “the cost of doing business?” Share with the class any experience you have in fighting for a safety training budget.


I think they key to utilizing the funds available appropriately is to indentify where the workplace incidents are happening most and or more frequent. If we can identify where the short comings are we can better strategize as to what we need to review vs what we need to re teach and practice. As a previous classmate posted its likely we will review slips trips and falls as well as proper body mechanics which then allows the focus to be drawn to larger issues that as a company we are seeing more of. if we have 3% of injuries that occured in the calendar year due to slips vs 12% of injuries that were due to improper use of PPE or lack of PPE that is needed we would want to focus in more on that 12%. I think it would be in the best benefit as well to focus in the incidents in which hightened the work days missed by employee. If we are seeing injuries that are causing workers to be off for extended time periods addressing those injuries and how we can prevent them would help with the budget becuase the workers comp injury claims would not be coming in utilizing the funds.Obviously safety in all aspects is the top priority but our major injuries in quantity is necessary to address as well as they longer time off of work injuries.  

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