What is a policy P…? why is it useful? how

What is a policy P…? why is it useful? how is it used? See this powerpoint (Links to an external site.) for a quick explanation on policy pa…. 

  • Policy pap…. must be written within the context of the Immigrants and refugees class
  • Chose a topic of your interest and write your pa…r based on the resources and examples below
  • Pa..r must have clear rationality (fix or improve a policy that may not be working or may need redesign). These work better in bullet points and well explained. 
  • Your policy recommendations must be realistic (what would you actually propose to do to improve the condition)
  • Provide data, professional opinions, comparisons to places where the policy has worked, and statements of how and what your policy prescriptions would do
  • Pa…. must be 2-3 pages not including references
  • Must include a works cited page
  • You have formatting freedom (see samples below)

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