Q1: How does intersectional analyzing affect our understanding of certain

Q1:  How does intersectional analyzing affect our understanding of certain topics, issues, or groups of people?

An intersectional analysis considers multiple factors surrounding a particular issue or topic and their relationship to each other, rather than just individually. Using an intersectional analysis can also illuminate patterns one might not have seen or thought of before. Ultimately, a broader understanding of an issue or topic can be gained by exploring the interactions between all relevant factors.

Q2:  In the articles it mentions some exmaples of violence in the dvierty group of people in a community and in college, what are some other examples you can recall that had similar injustices happening?

In the articles, we had this week both Kelly’s article and “Latinos Back Black Lives Matter protests, mention not only physical but verbal abuse towards the brown and African American citizens in a community or in college. We are told how movements and groups are being more pushed now into a college, courses, and movements to better today’s society over the violence between each other. In the past few years, what are some similar events that we have seen become well known or even acts of injustices that haven’t been all over social media as they should have? Was it more verbal or physical abuse of power towards the diversity group? Has society done enough to help out our diversity group of people or has the bare minimum been done?

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