Assignment 2 CS 120/121 Getting Started Objectives: 1. Gain an

 Assignment 2 CS 120/121 Getting Started Objectives: 1. Gain an understanding of research strategies 2. Expand the preliminary outline, developed in Assignment 1, into a final full-sentenceoutline 3. Evaluate sources for credibility 4. Develop an annotated bibliography Important Note: You must complete the individual portion of this assignment in order to receive credit for the group portion. Format: 1. Use APA 6th edition or later for all references 2. Use EndNote as your Bibliographic Manager Note: Information Literacy Tutorials 3 and 4 must be completed prior to the submission of the individual portion. You must post screenshots of your tutorial completion on Blackboard. If you do not submit the screenshot, you will not receive any credit for your individual portion of this assignment. Due date: Refer to Important Dates document or the Schedule (PLE) . A2 -Individual Portion Directions: Search and Annotated Bibliography 1. Conduct in-depth research using journal databases, books and other academic/peerreviewed sources. a. Understand the difference between Keywords and Subject Headings. b. Keep track of the subject headings you used to find your sources i. NOTE: Wikipedia, newspapers and .com’s are not acceptable sources. 2. Create an annotated bibliography for any TWO accepted and any TWO rejected sources . a. Include all accepted sources used in your research in your bibliography. b. Evaluate each source carefully using at a minimum the CRAAP test as discussed in the recitations and any other criteria to help you determine its credibility or lack of it. c. Annotated Bibliography: i. Import your sources using EndNote and add your annotations tothose sources on the Word document. 2 Example: Annotated Bibliography Samples | The Writing Lab & OWL at Purdue ii. Annotations contain a summary, assessment and reflection for each source. 3. Conduct the following searches through the ODU library’s home page. a. Do a Keyword Title search for relevant books for your thesis i. List a minimum of 6 search terms used (put each search combination on a separate line) ii. Write an annotated bibliography for at least ONE book that you accepted or rejected. b. Do TWO Journal Database searches in the ODU library databases for articles relevant to your thesis. Use a subject specific journal database that relates to your topic. i. List the exact name of database, not just EBSCO OR ProQuest ii. Do a Subject Heading search. iii. For subject heading searches, you can employ any “narrow by subject” option (such as the Subject dropdown to the left of the results list inany EBSCO database, or you might find subject headings by clicking on an “indexes” tab or on a link entitled “Thesaurus) iv. List the search terminology used (indicate what words you used tosearch with, and in what combinations, each search listed on a separate line). v. Write an annotated bibliography for TWO (one from eachdatabase) accepted or rejected sources. c. Do a Google Scholar search to find articles relevant to your thesis. Read the information in this link on the advantages and limitations of using Google Scholar: i. List the most relevant search terminology used ( indicate what words you used to search with, and in what combinations, putting each search on a separate line) ii. Indicate if this source is available as full text directly through Google Scholar. If not, how do you access it through ODU libraries databases ? iii. Write an annotated bibliography for ONE accepted or rejected source. Note: You are required to talk about these justifications during the oral presentations. Full-Sentence Outline: 1. Expand your section in the preliminary outline (from Assignment 1) to create a fullsentence outline, as described in Badke 6th Edition 2. The outline must be in proper APA format: All elements of the outline must be written in complete sentences. 3. Include in-text citations wherever evidence is quoted ● Example: 3 Microsoft Word Document Requirements: ● Name the document: ● a2-ind-group-##-name.docx ▪ Replace ## with your group’s number ▪ Replace name with your name ● Include a cover page with the following information: ● Your name ● Professor’s name ● CRN ● Group number ● Line spacing: single spaced ● Margins: 1 inch all around ● Font type: Times New Roman (12pt) ● Order of Information: ● Cover page ● Group thesis ▪ Indicate if it has changed and the reason for the change ● Full sentence outline in proper APA format ▪ List the names of your group members against each Level-1 heading including the Rebuttal ● Annotated bibliography – Include your annotations for TWO accepted and TWO rejected sources along with a thorough analysis of each source using the CRAAP test and any other criteria you used to determine its credibility or lack of it. ● Bibliography with a list of all accepted sources you plan to use in your research (you may have more than just the two- for which you wrote annotations) ● All sources must be created in and imported from EndNote. Do not Copy and Pastethe sources. Microsoft PowerPoint Requirements: ● Name the document: ● a2-ind-group-##-name.pptx ● Replace ## with your group’s number ● Replace name with your name ● Slides are well designed, readable, and contain zero errors in punctuation,grammar, capitalization, and spelling. ● Slide contains the student’s name on each slide. ● No more than 5-7 bullet points on each slide. Avoid using paragraphs inyour PowerPoint slides wherever possible ● Order of Information: ● Title slide with the following information ▪ Your name ▪ Professor’s name ▪ CRN ▪ Group number 4 ● Group Thesis statement ● Full-sentence outline. ● Introduction of your portion of the research topic ● Thorough explanation of how you chose the topic, how you narrowed it down throughout the research. What combination of keywords and subjectheadings gave you the best results? ● Contains ONE rejected source and ONE accepted source with a critical review of each. ● Add screenshots of how you evaluated each source for each criterion ofthe CRAAP test and any other criteria you used. 

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